About us

Goodlike Education Consultancy has a long standing reputation of being one of the most comprehensive study abroad consultants in Nepal. We are situated at downtown Putalisadak, Kathmandu. Our head office is at Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our organization has single minded focus; to guide students to the best possible institutions to enable them to build their future. Using our expertise, we can identify the most suitable institutions for each student. Our excellent network with the Australian and European Institutions helps us to deliver the best services to our students.

Measuring the contentment of many students and their guardians, we are now showered with their unconditional love proving the bricks to success. This has triggered the expansion of our facilities for the students of all levels and faculties. Goodlike with its incessant services to students, willing to carry on higher study abroad, has created own border in study abroad consultation as the most reliable source. We are proud to announce that students in various faculties and institutions abroad have found our services better than the best.


Goodlike with a team of enthusiastic & dedicated human resources and excellent services is determined to meet the requirements of students seeking to study abroad. We are using all the resources available in and outside the country to achieve the goal of providing better opportunities for Nepalese students. Consequently, the main thrust of Goodlike is to craft it as a consultancy center of an international standard. To achieve this end we are pushing forward with the following objectives:

Your threshold to the international Universities/Colleges

The choice of the university/ college and course will have a decisive influence on your future career. So it’s obvious that you must choose the right study path. We undoubtedly, help in providing a better path, through counselling and work as a conduit in your search for ideal colleges and universities abroad. Supporting students in every aspect, we help them prepare for the future.

YBe a nice place to get enrolled for various test preparation and language classes

Apart from counselling, we have various test preparation classes such as IELTS, English language, japanese language run by experienced, friendly, and dynamic tutors whom you are going to miss in the land of your dreams. We have various language classes and modern facilities.

Be a perfect visa preparation class

We prepare students for visa interviews, the most crucial part of study abroad process and help them with documentation, to fulfill the requirements of concerned bodies in embassies/consulates.